Leader in Mpumalanga and Mozambique

Are you in the market for new hydraulic cylinders, pumps or motors? Or perhaps it’s hydraulic repairs, hydraulic equipment, high pressure hoses, boilermaking or just plain, old-fashioned engineering that you require? Then look no further than Bambanani Hydraulics CC.

With its management and employees boasting years of experience, knowledge and dedication, Bambanani Hydraulics is the most efficient, reliable and dependable in the business and has achieved this status through its unique quality policy, which is:

  • Meet the expectations and requirements of customers.
  • Work with stakeholders to develop and maintain the company’s services to address the market place, technology and customer requirements in a guarded manner.
  • Motivated staff who meet the company’s targets and objectives.
  • Setting of realistic goals and expectations.
  • Train, develop and promote a culture of best practices and continued improvement.


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